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Apie Google Reklamą ir SEO - Rap'o ritmu

Heh, šiek tiek teko užtrukti su netikSEO paleidimu, nes gavau projektą suoptimizuoti vieną užsieninę svetainę. Bet manau niekas nenukentėjo, nes skaitytojų kaip ir neturėtų dar būti. Per daug nesistengiu reklamuotis kol kas. :) Taigi, tikėkimės daugiau niekas nesumaišys ir projektas pradės veikti pilnu tempu.

O čia atsipalaidavimui filmukas, kaip galima suderinti 2 hobius - SEO ir Rap'ą. Labai netradicinis būdas ir manau gana išradingas "viral" kampanijos pavyzdys. Nesu didelis Rap'o gerbėjas ir nelabai nusimanau ar čia "gerai varo", bet visai patiko. Paskaitykite ir žodžius, jei nesuprasite iš klipo, nes ten susakyta visa tiesa apie Google Reklamą:

The SEO Rapper - Paid Search 101 Rap

you want to start SEM well heres what to do
focus on a product and find a niche too
you want to get the listing
I'll give you some assisting
SEO & SEM, they are coexisting
to cover all the bases
you must have patience
research all your keywords and your phrases
they all sound good but they may not be a factor
several ways to check and I prefer word tracker
very vague phrases should get denied
longtail keyphrases are more qualified
check the cpc, that's the cost per click
make a judgement call, is is worth that hit
if it is then keep it
if its not then delete it
stay within your budget, that's not a big secret
track your results, reporting is critical
and set your goals right be Google Analytical
Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing
if your business local make sure you geo targeting
the user only clicks on what sounds best
make sure you use very descriptive ad text
its a must that you use correct landing pages
if they see what they want, they easily persuaded
when they convert that's a win win
when your site is bookmarked they'll come back again
CPC will go, CTR will skyrocket
ROI will get better, that's more money in your pocket
and if you smart, you'll invest in more phrases
but that's up to you, I'm just giving you the basics
you got it then fine, if you don't hit rewind
listen closely and play it back 1 more time
that's just the start anymore might cost
I have to deal with my boss
if I tell you the secret sauce
like using paid search to enhance SEO
and revolving ad text is the way to
uh oh, I gotta go, that's too much for you to know
but if you want more, wait for the next video

Žiū gal ir Lietuvoje atsiras Rap'erių, kurie apdainuos (?) marketingo vadybininko ar kokio statybininko darbą :))


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